Options Workshop Brings Stakeholders Together

The Water Resources West consultation on options was given a boost with a virtual workshop on 13 November. The event was attended by a core group of water asset owners, suppliers and regulators with the opportunity to collaborate and identify existing assets.

At the workshop we described the ambitions of the Water Resources West plan and how stakeholders can get involved in helping to shape the long-term water supplies for the region.

The workshop was held using an innovative virtual platform, bringing stakeholders together virtually to discuss creating new sources of supply such as re-purposing existing assets, collaborating on developing shared water resources and trading abstraction rights.

The aim of the Options consultation is to understand the possible opportunities to develop new sources of water supply that could meet all of our needs for the future and improve the supply of existing sources.

We want to explore the water using needs of the different sectors operating across our region and to understand whether you may have ideas, such as developing new sources of water supply or for sharing and adapting existing sources of water abstraction and storage.

Marcus O’Kane, Water Resources West, said:

“The Options consultation was launched with a fantastic virtual workshop that brought together key stakeholders with an interest in water assets across our regions.

Following the workshop, stakeholders can take the conversation to IdeaStream and collaborate further to discuss options in creating a more sustainable water sector in the West.”

To join in the conversation on IdeaStream, please click this link. For further questions about Water Resources West or the Options consultation, please email the team at waterresourceswest@outlook.com.