IdeaStream: A Forum for Stakeholders
Following our programme of consultations for stakeholders across the water sector, we want to carry on the conversation. To do this, we developed IdeaStream.

IdeaStream is an online portal for stakeholders to share thoughts and ideas beyond the consultations.

Each of our ongoing consultations has its own IdeaStream forum – you can find the relevant one at the links below:

IdeaStream is a collaborative platform designed to generate ideas and connect you with relevant stakeholders including water providers, users, regulators, planners, landowners and interested groups. By working together through IdeaStream, you can pool your thoughts and work in partnership with interested parties.

We will be uploading information and discussion documents for you to provide feedback on and spark further engagement with stakeholders.

Richard Blackwell, Director of Water Resources West, said:

“IdeaStream is an innovative and interactive platform for stakeholders to collaborate, discuss and build relationships across sectors.

Through IdeaStream, you can share ideas and work together planning tomorrow’s water today.

To join in the conversation on IdeaStream, please click this link. For further questions about Water Resources West, please email the team at