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Thanks for sharing this Tim. Lots of interesting thoughts in here. It would be great to hear what others think about this too.

For those who aren’t familiar with regenerative agriculture, there isn’t a single strict definition of what it is but this short video gives a flavour of it. Many of the techniques promoted as regenerative already have widespread uptake, especially among traditional farmers who wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as regenerative.

We are actively looking for opportunities to gather and use water locally for a range of uses, whether for agriculture, public water supplies or other sectors. So if anyone has ideas for particular catchments please let us know.

We’re also working with the NFU. In its recent water management strategy the NFU has pledged to better understand water demand act to reduce waste.

Seeking opportunities to reduce demand is the first place we are looking to meet our future water needs, but there may be times or places when this can’t meet all our needs. So we also need to think about other options.
Further comments welcome – please share.