Water Transfers

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  • The quality of my water supply must stay the same (e.g. taste, appearance, level of hardness etc.)
  • The reliability of my supply of water must stay the same (i.e. no change in chance of disruption to it)
  • That the area where the water is going has reduced leaks from pipes as far as currently possible
  • That everyone in that part of the region was doing their bit to use less water
  • That there is no impact on the environment
  • That there is no change in river flow/increase in flooding
  • That there is no disruption from any associated work
  • Lower water bills
  • Improvements to their water supply resilience
  • Investment into the area (jobs)
  • Enhancements to the environment
  • Opportunities for wellbeing (e.g. recreation and access to nature)
  • Reducing flood risk

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