What are we doing

Water Resources West brings a wide range of water abstractors and supporting organisations to plan the future of water resources. Our Options consultation provides a platform to identify new options to meet those needs, share ideas and encourage multi-sector collaboration. If you have a water source, are developing an asset that could help bring wider benefits, or have innovative ideas to reduce water demand we want to hear from you.

Why we need your help

We hosted a live consultation to bring together relevant organisations to plan water usage for the next twenty five years and beyond. To start with, we held an ‘Options workshop’ on Friday 13 November. This interactive event identified options that could be used as part of our planning as well as helping is build relationships with other interested parties.

Attendees were encouraged to map their water ideas across the region and explain their interest and ongoing challenges. Following the Options workshop, we are taking the conversation to IdeaStream, where stakeholders can continue to share thoughts and carry on the live consultation as well as register their interest in collaborating with Water Resources West.

We need the expertise of landowners, abstractors and other organisations to identify new or existing opportunities to meet our water needs in a joined-up way, bringing multiple benefits.

Continue the discussion

Take the conversation to our IdeaStream forum where you can discuss your water resources plans further.

Register your interest

To improve the sector’s resilience and collaboration in our region we need your help to develop the best options to identify challenges, find solutions and share initiatives.

Register your interest to begin discussions on how your company or organisation can get involved.