Environmental Destination

What are we doing

Our regional plan brings the opportunity to plan delivery of an Environmental Destination for water resources. This will consider long term opportunities to address environmental issues related to water resources. Through these plans we can consider future water abstraction along with other supply and demand issues and opportunities. The regional plan is considering a timeframe to 2050 and beyond. 


The WRW region covers parts of both England and Wales. There are also upstream catchments, outside the WRW boundary, that extend further into Wales. There are also some catchments that overlaps with Water Resources East’s region. Our plan needs to take account of policy from both the English and Welsh governments and the destination should reflect local and regional priorities. Cost, benefits and affordability will also influence the plan.

Why we need your help

We held the first stage of our Environmental Destination consultation from Tuesday 8 December 2020 until Sunday 17 January 2021.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views. This will help us to determine the most effective way to work with the difference catchment areas. The conversation will continue on IdeaStream, where stakeholders can share thoughts and register their interest in collaborating with Water Resources West.

Water Resources West brings together a wide range of water abstractors and supporting organisations to plan the future of water resources. We need to reach out wider to gain input to shape and influence the plan. This is an early phase of engagement on our Environmental Destination. We are aware that in many catchments you may already be engaging with a group such as the River Severn Partnership, a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) working group, priority catchments or Welsh Area Statements.

Where possible we wish to engage with these existing groups to maximise use of knowledge, expertise and existing catchment plans and minimise duplication of work for all parties. We anticipate further catchment specific engagement and collaboration in the future.

Continue the discussion

Take the conversation to our IdeaStream forum where you can further discuss the themes raised in our launch event.