Emerging Plan

Water Resources West is a group of abstractors, their representatives, and their regulators. We have formed this collaborative group to join-up planning for water resources across the cross-border catchments between England and Wales, the North West of England, and the Midlands.

The area we cover is facing a number of huge challenges, with climate change and population growth putting increasing pressure on water resources. In less than 25 years a lack of water could limit growth and employment opportunities and have a very real impact on people’s everyday lives.

It is therefore vital that we engage with key stakeholders such as yourself to help us develop a long-term plan to address the challenges we face, while responding to societal needs, supporting economic growth, and delivering environmental improvements. In March 2020, we published an initial view of water resources required by the 2050’s. Since then we have been working to improve our understanding of future water resources needs and identify options to meet them. On the 17th January we have published our emerging plan here and want your feedback to help shape it further as it will genuinely inform our future plans and we do hope you are able to give us your views on the questions below.

We have also created a forum for discussion so if you want to chat further or have discussions with others, please go to the forum where you can post your thoughts on the plan in its entirety or a particular topic.

In addition, we are running three stakeholder workshops, so we can talk with you about it and listen to your views. We would like your views on:

  • The future water resources needs for the region and our resilience to droughts
  • Environmental ambitions and opportunities to enhance our water resources
  • The potential for water transfers and what this might mean
  • What might be good options to meet our future needs

We were planning to hold these workshops as hybrid events, meaning that people could have attended attend in person or join remotely, on Zoom. However, due to recent Covid guidance we have taken the decision to move the events to online only. Please click here to register your attendance 

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