Tomorrow’s Water.
Today’s Challenge.


One of today’s biggest challenges is tomorrow’s water.
By 2050 we’re going to need over 200 million additional litres per day.
It has to come from somewhere. We’re working together to make a plan.
Join us, bring your ideas and your energy.

Let’s change the future of water.

Let’s Talk – IdeaStream

Join the IdeaStream, bring your own ideas and collaborate with
others. Let’s change the future of water.

 Draft regional plan

In November 2022, Water Resources West published our draft regional plan. It sets out an assessment of the long term water needs within our region and how they can be met. 


Explore new ways of meeting our water needs across the North West, Midlands and Wales.

Water Transfers

Share your views on the potential for sharing water between different parts of the UK through water transfers.

Environmental Destination

Let’s work together on opportunities to improve the sustainability of our water resources.

Water Resources West

Our region spans some of the biggest shared catchments in England and Wales, including the Dee, the Eden, the Severn and the Wye. It’s a diverse region where 17 million people live and have aspirations for a thriving environment and a growing economy.

As a group, Water Resources West is building an ambitious long-term, multi-sector adaptive water resources plan that reflects the needs and characteristics of our region. Challenges, such as climate change, and opportunities, for example to share water resources and improve resilience, will be factored into our plans.

On our website you will find a preliminary view of the region’s water needs. This is being used, along with your feedback, to shape further development of the region’s water resources plans. We would also like to hear from those who may wish to propose options to meet the water needs.